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What is PPC Marketing


PPC stands for pay per click, and it is a type of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked on. It is essentially a way of paying for visitors to come to the site, as opposed to waiting for someone to get there organically. 

Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC, it allows advertisers to bid for ad placements on search engine results. The benefit of this type of advertising is that the searcher is already looking for something in line with what you offer. For example, one of our clients may be a plumber, when someone searches ‘local plumber’ his ads will be triggered, and the potential customer will get the information they are looking for. 

Everytime the ad is clicked, the visitor will be sent to your website, and you will pay a small fee to the search engine. If you have a good PPC campaign set up, the fee will be minimal, as the visit will be worth so much more than what you have paid. However, if your PPC campaign is not set up well you can easily blow through your daily budget, paying for clicks that aren’t relevant, and are unlikely to result in sales. This is why you may want to consider hiring a PPC agency.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is the single most popular PPC advertising system in the world. The Google ads platform enables businesses to create ads that appear on Google’s search engine and other Google properties. 

There are roughly 3.5 billion searches on Google per day (2019), so it is easy to see why you would want to set up a PPC campaign, to get a bit of this action. Google is the most popular search engine, and as such it gets huge amounts of traffic, therefore it can deliver the most impressions and clicks to your ads. 

Saying that, it is extremely important that your PPC campaign is built around the right keywords. The most successful PPC agencies are continually growing and refining their keyword list. As people’s search behaviour changes, so too should your PPC campaign.

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Digital Marketing Tips in the Face of Covid-19

Quite often when an economic downturn occurs marketing budget is one of the first thing to be slashed. But Corona virus has been a unique experience, consumers are still largely interacting with brands online, in fact more so than usual, so it is advisable to recalibrate your marketing strategy to the changed behaviour of your target audience.

Digital Marketing Tips in the Face of Covid-19


People are spending more time at home and consuming a greater degree of digital media. TV watching and online streaming has surged during lockdown, and screen time is up approximately 31% in comparison to last year. Furthermore, people are spending 36% more time on social media *. Finally, with brick-and-mortar shops closing people are completing more of their shopping online, so the need for digital marketing has never been higher.

What Should You be Aware of?

  • Think about whether you need to edit your message: Now is the time to be compassionate with your audience, think of the challenges they will be facing and how you can support them. It is essential that you show your willingness to help your customers in this ‘new normal’, without seeming like you are exploiting the situation.
  • Adjust your strategy: Once you’ve thought about whether you need to change your message, think about your strategy. We’ve already mentioned people are spending much more time online, so investing in digital marketing is likely to be beneficial to your business, but where exactly should you form a presence. Perhaps you’ve never used social ad’s before, but now that people are spending 36% more time on social media you should look into it? Speak to your digital marketing agency to make sure the strategy works for your business and the unique situation we are in.
  • Review your existing campaigns: If you have pay per click (PPC) campaigns already live, for example Google ad’s, you may want to evaluate the keywords you are targeting. You might notice that some keywords that used to work well for your campaign are dropping off, but others may be picking up. Searches for ‘local delivery’ and ‘virtual services’ may be increasing, so try and see if you can incorporate terms such as these into your PPC campaign.

Don’t Give up On Digital MarketingDigital Marketing Tips in the Face of Covid-19

You may need to change your message, alter your strategy or edit any pre-existing campaigns you have, such as PPC, but the more important thing to remember is not to give up on digital marketing. Now is arguably one of the best times to invest in it. Just make sure you speak to your digital marketing agency, so you are both on the same page about your goals and objectives.


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