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Our pay per click agency in Fulham helps businesses place highly targeted adverts in front of consumers who are actively looking for a product or service. Unlike traditional forms of advertising with pay per click you only pay when prospective clients ‘click’ on your ad, hence it can be a very cost-effective approach, and one of the best methods of driving traffic to your site. However, it is important not to focus on traffic alone, we understand that leads and conversions are the main goal of a pay per click campaign, and we work closely with our clients to track and monitor this.


Looking For a Top Level Pay Per Click Agency?

Whilst pay per click can often be very effective when managed correctly, poor management can result in money wasted on unsuccessful campaigns. This is why it is essential to recruit the help of a pay per click agency for your Fulham business. This is one of our core offerings at Fast Generations, we have over 300 clients worldwide, some based as locally as our own office building in Fulham. We pride ourselves on offering proven results, with a personal service, and are constantly aiming to go above and beyond for our clients.


Why Choose Fast Generations?

Our Fulham pay per click agency possesses a unique tool that enables us to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns through the use of a trackable number. When a potential customer clicks on your site using one of our ad’s, they will see a campaign specific phone number. We monitor and record calls made to that number, this enables us to accurately evaluate the effectiveness of our campaign. As a company we value transparency and so we provide you with a platform where you can listen back to these calls at any time, as well as track how often your ads are being seen and clicked on.

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