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Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing gets your business in front of potential clients when they are actively looking for your service. Unlike most traditional advertising, with PPC you don’t have to pay for the advertising space, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and is directed to your website. PPC is one of the quickest, and most controllable, ways to get your business in front of potential clients/ customers. You have total control over where the ads are shown, who they are shown to, at what time of day, and how much you spend.


Why choose us as your PPC agency?

First and foremost we are a PPC agency offering services to clients in and around Earlsfield. We offer a range of digital marketing services, but PPC management is where we began. We have been creating campaigns since our agency’s conception. Our approach relies on our experience, our people and data-driven research.

As a PPC agency we offer more than just Google ads, we can also create social, shopping, or remarketing campaigns. Whatever it takes to scale your Earlsfield business to success. We use in-house technology to track data that other agencies overlook. All calls received via your campaign will be recorded by our in-house platform, so you can listen back and see exactly where your money is being spent.


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If you are thinking about embarking on a PPC journey, we’d recommend you do so through a PPC agency. PPC campaigns can be complicated to set up, and time-consuming to manage, they also run the risk of overspending on irrelevant traffic if they are not monitored closely. Our PPC agency in Earlsfield can take the stress of setting up and managing a PPC campaign away from you.

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