PPC for Estate Agents

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Unlike SEO, where your efforts can take months to have an effect and materialise into higher rankings, pay per click (PPC) advertising offers instant results. Taking this into consideration, it is no surprise that PPC is now an essential tool in the belt of most estate agents. As so many estate agents are already using PPC, opting not to engage in PPC can put your estate agency at a serious disadvantage.

PPC campaigns are extremely cost effective as they can be so easily controlled. You are able to set a specific daily budget to ensure you do not spend anymore than you want to. You are also able to control the location your ads are shown, as well as what time of day they will appear. The main benefit of PPC marketing is that you will only pay once your ad is clicked on.

Boost Your Website Traffic

PPC marketing gets your website in front of potential clients, at exactly the time they are looking for it, driving high quality traffic to your website. Many forms of traditional advertising rely on interrupting people whilst they are searching for something else, YouTube ads, print ads and television commercials for example. PPC, on the other hand, offers the invaluable opportunity of getting your website in the top search engine rankings, when a potential customer searches a relevant word or term.

Our PPC Management Services

We are an award winning PPC agency who have been setting up and managing PPC campaigns for a number of years. We have numerous happy clients who are estate agents, and so we have valuable experience and knowledge of what it takes to set up a successful PPC campaign for an estate agency.

Our unique Fast Generations platform is what differentiates us from other PPC agencies. We possess a tool that enables us to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns, through use of a trackable number. When a potential customer sees and clicks on one of your adverts, they will see a campaign specific phone number. All calls to this number are tracked and recorded so you can see exactly how many clients are coming to you as a result of your PPC campaign.

As a company we value transparency, and so we provide you with access to this platform. This means you can see exactly how often your ads are being seen and clicked on, and gives you the ability to listen back to calls.

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