The Benefits of Social Media Advertising

he Benefits of Social Media Advertising

No doubt you’ve read countless articles telling you to advertise on social media because it’s effective, but how exactly can it help your business? We have been helping clients connect with customers on social media, and so we have put together this article to help you understand exactly why you should invest in social media.

It improves brand awareness

This is one of the most obvious benefits of social media advertising, it has a great impact on brand awareness. It helps you get your business out there, and it means you can connect with people who may not necessarily be following your business.

It helps you reach targeted audiences

Social media platforms have an intense selection of targeting options. When it comes to paid advertising you can target users based on location, age, income, job title, interests and a whole range of other demographics. Targeting users based on any of these factors can drastically improve the success rate of your campaign. 

It can drive quality traffic

As more people learn about your brand, more traffic will be driven to your website. Better yet, much of this traffic will be high quality, as they will have been targeted based on the demographics mentioned above.

It increases foot traffic 

These benefits aren’t just limited to digital traffic, they can also bring traffic to your brick and mortar store. This metric isn’t so easy to track, you can track digital conversions and purchases, but unless you ask everyone in your store where they heard about you, you won’t know whether it was from social media advertising or not. 

It provides valuable customer insights

One of the biggest perks of social media advertising is its ability to provide you with valuable customer insights. Social media platforms collect an extensive amount of user data, so you can see exactly who interacted with your advert.

Sold on the idea of social media advertising but in need of some help? Our social media agency can help you plan, deliver, and perfect your social media marketing.

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Why Choose Fast Generations for Website Design?

Why Choose Fast Generations for Website Design?

Website design refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. A web designer works on the appearance, layout and in some cases, planning, conceptualizing and arranging the content of a website or its web pages.

A well-designed website can help you form a good impression on your prospective customers. It helps customers see exactly what your business is and it enables them to navigate to the area of the business they want to engage with. 

You want your website to be informative but straight to the point and easy to navigate. A good website design offers measurable improvements to your business. It can increase metrics that matter most, for example, sales calls, bounce rate and new visitor frequency.

 Fast Generations is a reliable and trust-worthy website design agency who craft flawless sites for a range of businesses, in a range of fields. We take into account your specific details and requirements to build a website that represents your business in the best way possible. 

We provide a professional service that looks at how your website looks as well as how it functions. We want to ensure your site drives conversions, be that calls, emails, sign ups or purchases. Within today’s competitive market, we understand that the ultimate goal is to have a highly-professional and informative website that delivers.

We prioritise our clients’ vision and incorporate their needs with our extensive experience of website design. Your website may be one of your businesses biggest investments, and so we ensure it is an investment you are happy with.

As a full service digital marketing agency we are able to offer you all round support once your website is up and running. We can help with SEO, PPC and content creation, ensuring your site has regular fresh content and pushed through the Google rankings to the first page, meaning you will get the visitors your business needs.

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Writing Tips for Each Social Media Platform

We are sure we don’t need to tell you why it is important to have a social media presence, but, it is worth mentioning that this presence may not be exactly the same on all channels.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok all have their own trends, demographics, post formats and platform requirements. You want your brand to have continuity across all platforms, but, you may want to tweak the way you deliver this, depending which platform you are on.

Smart and tailored social media marketing can boost engagement and help you achieve KPI’s… win win!


Instagram is all about visual content, so your writing should be short, sweet and to the point. The main goal of the caption is to provide context for the picture or video, it is there to add to the post, but the caption is not the main focus. Instagram users are not looking to read about your life story, they want a visually stimulating experience, so be concise.


Facebook posts should have a conversational tone. Pictures on Facebook are not as important as Instagram, but it is still worth posting a mixture of written and visual content, to keep your feed varied.

Facebook is all about getting people to engage with your posts, so, ask questions, encourage call to actions, ask followers what they think, try to incite conversation. People are looking to read and engage, so give them something to engage with.


LinkedIn is great for social media marketing as it enables you to connect with other, likeminded, professionals. If your business is a B2B business you cannot afford to miss out on the opportunities that LinkedIn can offer you.

As it is a bit more professional, the writing style on LinkedIn is slightly different. Users are willing to invest a bit more time, they want to read useful articles that are related to their field. On LinkedIn longer posts are encouraged, you can share credible articles to establish your expertise, and to drive engagement.


People often login to Twitter for news and updates, they want simple writing that is easy to digest and to the point. The character limit on tweets helps ensure this is the case.

Twitter is great for engaging with other users, your social media marketing strategy should include mentioning trending topics and tagging accounts that are commenting on current events. This widens your audience and helps you connect with interested users.

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What is PPC Marketing


PPC stands for pay per click, and it is a type of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked on. It is essentially a way of paying for visitors to come to the site, as opposed to waiting for someone to get there organically. 

Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC, it allows advertisers to bid for ad placements on search engine results. The benefit of this type of advertising is that the searcher is already looking for something in line with what you offer. For example, one of our clients may be a plumber, when someone searches ‘local plumber’ his ads will be triggered, and the potential customer will get the information they are looking for. 

Everytime the ad is clicked, the visitor will be sent to your website, and you will pay a small fee to the search engine. If you have a good PPC campaign set up, the fee will be minimal, as the visit will be worth so much more than what you have paid. However, if your PPC campaign is not set up well you can easily blow through your daily budget, paying for clicks that aren’t relevant, and are unlikely to result in sales. This is why you may want to consider hiring a PPC agency.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is the single most popular PPC advertising system in the world. The Google ads platform enables businesses to create ads that appear on Google’s search engine and other Google properties. 

There are roughly 3.5 billion searches on Google per day (2019), so it is easy to see why you would want to set up a PPC campaign, to get a bit of this action. Google is the most popular search engine, and as such it gets huge amounts of traffic, therefore it can deliver the most impressions and clicks to your ads. 

Saying that, it is extremely important that your PPC campaign is built around the right keywords. The most successful PPC agencies are continually growing and refining their keyword list. As people’s search behaviour changes, so too should your PPC campaign.

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PPC or SEO: What’s Better for Your Business?

PPC or SEO What’s Better for Your Business

Both PPC and SEO have their pro’s and con’s, and one or the other may be better for your business. This article will give you a bit of background info on each, so you can get a better idea of which approach may be more successful for your business


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website, and all of its pages, so they rank better in organic search results, for example, on Google and Bing. Search engines have algorithms that determine where you rank, in order to make the search engine happy you need to try and work out what the search engine deems important, and then implement this. 

Pros of SEO

  • Organic traffic has lasting power: Ranking highly for your target keywords can generate consistent search traffic to your website. Even if you halt efforts for a period of time the ranking is unlikely to drop significantly. 
  • SEO is often cheaper in the long run: SEO can rank your site for a huge number of keywords, which can generate a huge number of visits. In comparison, paying for a pay per click ad for each of these keywords can quickly add up and burn through your budget.

Cons of SEO

  • SEO is time consuming: One study by Ahrefs found that only 5.7% of pages rank in the top 10 for at least one keyword within a year of publishing. Most of the pages that did rank took between 2-6 months. So, if you want to see short term results then SEO is probably not the best option for you.
  • SEO requires unique content: This also adds on to the time consuming aspect of SEO. In order to rank well your content needs to be well planned and unique. You need to offer visitors something that they can’t find elsewhere online. If you are an industry expert in your field then this should be easy for you. If not it can take a long time to plan out your perfect content. 


Pay-per-click (PPC) is a paid form of advertising where you spend each time someone clicks on an ad that takes them to your website. It is most typically associated with Google, but Bing also offers a PPC option. PPC is also possible on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Pros of PPC

  • It’s quick: If you want SEO to work you can be waiting months, but for PPC it’s much quicker. Once the campaign is set up you can make it live almost instantly. 
  • You can target more precisely: With SEO you don’t have too many targeting options, you will be targeting anyone who is searching for that keyword. With PPC however you have much more control over the targeting. You can target by demographic and location. 

Cons of PPC

  • PPC can get very expensive, very quickly: If you are in a high value, competitive industry, such as insurance, PPC can get very expensive. You will constantly be upping your bids to keep up with your competitors. Also, if you try and cut costs by avoiding an agency you may be surprised at how complicated the campaign is to set up. If it is not set up correctly you can end up spending money on keywords that do not best serve you.
  • PPC can lose effectiveness: You need to keep on top of your PPC ads as they become less effective over time. People start to see your ads too often and get bored of them

Which is Better

It’s hard to pit SEO and PPC off against each other, as they both have their own merits and downfalls, but there are a few instances in which it is easy to pick.

  • If you are preparing for a launch or if you have a one time offer: if you are planning something in the near future it is best to opt for PPC, as SEO will take too long to implement and start ranking. 
  • If you have a super unique product: it may be hard to implement SEO for an innovative product as no one will be searching for it. Instead, you could try social media PPC to build awareness and appear for customers who may be interested in what you are offering.
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Why Use PPC if You Are an Estate Agent?

Why Use PPC if You Are an Estate Agent Pay per click (PPC) is a highly engaging way to promote your estate agents business, and drive traffic to your website. PPC adverts show in search engine results when a potential customer types in a relevant term, and even then you only get charged if the person clicks on the link and goes to your website. You have full control over how much you spend each day, and you can set budgets to ensure you do not go over your limit. 

According to both Wordstream and Search Engine Land, approximately 65% of all clicks made by search users are to paid advertising. The cost per click of PPC for estate agents ranges depending on the keyword, for company names this will be lower, for competitive words the cost per click will be higher. However, if the account is looked after and monitored closely it is possible to bring the cost per click down.

Why your Estate Agents Should Consider PPC

1. Big returns

As with many principles in business, it pays when you speculate to accumulate, when it comes to PPC that return can be substantial. When it comes to PPC for estate agents you may only need to spend £1-2 per click, to bring in sales that are worth several hundred pounds. The benefits soon begin to add up.

2. Flexible

Many marketing efforts take months before any return on investment begins, search engine optimization is great to boost your site through the organic rankings, but it is a slow process. Additionally, leaflets and print ads are months in the making. They are still valuable and valid methods of marketing, but PPC is a great supplement for your estate agents.

3. Position yourself at your customers fingertips

By putting yourself at the top of search engine rankings, you are in prime position. Your target audience will see you before your competition, at exactly the time they are looking for you. Over 50% of search engine users will click on the top four paid adverts, so you can’t afford to miss out on this business by not being present in the space.

PPC Management for Estate Agents

Setting up a PPC campaign for estate agents is not an easy task, there is a lot of research that needs to be done, and the campaign itself has to be set up meticulously, to ensure it spends money in the correct places. Hiring a PPC agency to manage your campaign can save you this stress.

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Digital Marketing Trends to Know About for 2021 | Fast Generations


Digital Marketing Trends to Know About for 2021

With a new year comes new digital marketing trends to know about. Keeping an eye on these trends can help marketers identify new opportunities to tap into, and can help businesses reach new customers in new ways. As is the case with most recent years, social media marketing still dominates many of these trends, but behaviours are different this year, so don’t recycle the same social strategy you have been using year on year.

1)  Social Media Can Engage and Retain
Companies should be prepared to dedicate more resources to social media marketing in 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically increased the amount of time people spend online, and so, the way they browse and research products and services has also changed.

This shift in consumer behaviour creates new opportunities for marketers to increase their reach, and can help them interest new consumers but also re-engage long time consumers. If you have been neglecting your social media marketing, you really need to reconsider and give your channels from TLC.

2) Social Media Will Become a Channel for Purchase
Social media is not only a place to engage and entertain, but the platforms are making it easier for consumers to go right from discovery to purchase, without ever leaving the platform. Social commerce will continue to grow in 2021, so retail brands should adapt to these platforms and their new rules.

3) Brands are Culling Social Media Channels
Social media marketing presents a whole host of advantages and benefits, some of which have already been mentioned. However, brands are starting to realise there is no point trying to be present on every social media platform, especially as the number of platforms available continues to grow. Instead, you should consider which platforms best align with your goals, and research where your target market are most likely to be, and then you should focus on those platforms exclusively.

4) Keep on Top of Google Listings
If you own a small to medium business it is so important to ensure your local listings are verified and that you update them often. If you are a B2C business, who draws customers primarily on a local level, your Google My Business listing provides valuable information about your services and opening hours. A huge percentage of your customers will seek out services by searching ‘car dealer near me’ or ‘dentist in Wandsworth’ so it is vital that you show up in that space.

5) Be Present in Local SEO
Whilst you are ensuring your business is Google listed you should also be mindful of localised SEO. Brexit may lead to companies being denied opportunities to access international markets, and likewise, the same goes to international companies trying to enter the UK market. Make sure your site is optimised for local searches, to capture potential customers in your local area.

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What Can Search Engine Optimisation Do for Your Business?

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a strategy for improving your websites ranking in search engine results. In order to do this keywords and phrases that your target audience search for, when looking for your website or those similar, need to be identified. Following on from this you can work toward ranking for these search terms by optimising your website. Although it sounds fairly simple, there is a lot to it, and so you may want to consider the help of a search engine agency.

Reasons to Optimise Your Website

Optimised websites earn more traffic:
Search engine optimisation improves your site’s rankings, but in turn this can attract more traffic as the higher up in the search results your page is, the more likely people are to see it.

It doesn’t require paid ad space:
A great advantage of SEO is that you don’t need to buy ad space. Conventional advertising requires you to pay for a slot in a TV or radio ad break or a pay for a space in a newspaper or magazine. You pay for a specific period of time and then when that time is up your ad stops running. With search engine optimisation you don’t have to pay to be the number one result, you just need to put in the effort it takes to get there.

Search Engine Optimisation Do for Your Business

It can boost your credibility and authority:
Consumers have access to a huge number of resources and information when it comes to researching products or businesses. Search engine optimisation can help you become a firm part of that research process. If the potential customer see’s your results on the first page they are more likely to consider you than if you don’t appear util the third page.

It improves user experience:
A search engines ultimate goal is to provide the best possible experience and result for their users. As a result of this much of their algorithm aims to direct users to a site that provides relevant content but also provides great user experience. This is where SEO helps, it includes technical factors such as mobile friendliness, usability and site speed. By improving these things, you are improving the experience of those visiting your site, which is something search engines appreciate and will reward you for by increasing your ranking.

Hiring A Search Engine Agency

Search engine optimisation is a complicated process, and you need to invest some time in it to make sure it is done well. So, you might want to hire a search engine agency. A search engine agency can do keyword research, make changes to your site from the back end, and optimise it for mobile. There are also factors such as link building and fixing viruses that can damage your SEO, a search engine agency will have experience with these and can offer you their expertise.

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Digital Marketing Tips in the Face of Covid-19

Quite often when an economic downturn occurs marketing budget is one of the first thing to be slashed. But Corona virus has been a unique experience, consumers are still largely interacting with brands online, in fact more so than usual, so it is advisable to recalibrate your marketing strategy to the changed behaviour of your target audience.

Digital Marketing Tips in the Face of Covid-19


People are spending more time at home and consuming a greater degree of digital media. TV watching and online streaming has surged during lockdown, and screen time is up approximately 31% in comparison to last year. Furthermore, people are spending 36% more time on social media *. Finally, with brick-and-mortar shops closing people are completing more of their shopping online, so the need for digital marketing has never been higher.

What Should You be Aware of?

  • Think about whether you need to edit your message: Now is the time to be compassionate with your audience, think of the challenges they will be facing and how you can support them. It is essential that you show your willingness to help your customers in this ‘new normal’, without seeming like you are exploiting the situation.
  • Adjust your strategy: Once you’ve thought about whether you need to change your message, think about your strategy. We’ve already mentioned people are spending much more time online, so investing in digital marketing is likely to be beneficial to your business, but where exactly should you form a presence. Perhaps you’ve never used social ad’s before, but now that people are spending 36% more time on social media you should look into it? Speak to your digital marketing agency to make sure the strategy works for your business and the unique situation we are in.
  • Review your existing campaigns: If you have pay per click (PPC) campaigns already live, for example Google ad’s, you may want to evaluate the keywords you are targeting. You might notice that some keywords that used to work well for your campaign are dropping off, but others may be picking up. Searches for ‘local delivery’ and ‘virtual services’ may be increasing, so try and see if you can incorporate terms such as these into your PPC campaign.

Don’t Give up On Digital MarketingDigital Marketing Tips in the Face of Covid-19

You may need to change your message, alter your strategy or edit any pre-existing campaigns you have, such as PPC, but the more important thing to remember is not to give up on digital marketing. Now is arguably one of the best times to invest in it. Just make sure you speak to your digital marketing agency, so you are both on the same page about your goals and objectives.


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How to Choose the Right Web Development Company for You

Ask any veteran business owner how the design and development of their website went and you’re likely to get the response “which one”. Websites need frequently updated, optimised and sometimes completely overhauled. Taking on this responsibility as a beginner is likely to be frustrating and can have long lasting ramifications on the business itself, and your own sanity. This is where the help of a web development company comes in. They will have experience creating websites from scratch and ensuring they are functional whilst also being aesthetically appealing. Here are a few tips on choosing the right company for your business.

Web Development Company

First, Establish What You Need

Before you think about approaching an agency think about what you need from your site and therefore what you need from an agency. You don’t need to plan out every detail, but you must have a good idea of what you want the site to do for your brand and the customers. Do you want an ecommerce site where customers can add items to their bag and purchase online? Or is your site information led with a gallery of your services, in which case you need to make sure it is easy to contact you. Defining your goals before starting the project is essential as it will ensure you produce a site that serves your needs best as possible.

Review Agency Portfolios

Agencies are often shouting about their work, so this should be easy to find. Look for a list of clients on their website and scout out some of the work they have done already. If they have already worked with clients in your industry this is a good sign, it will mean they already have an understanding of what your business needs and what works for your customers. When looking through their work make sure the sites don’t all look the same, you want your business to stand out, not blend in.

When discussing your vision with the agency make sure they understand the overall goal but aren’t going to blindly say yes to everything as a way of keeping you happy. You want your web development company to be honest with you and tell you what isn’t going to work, as well as come up with ideas of their own. You might want to also ask for some case studies, this is a good way of seeing projects they have worked on from brief to completion.

SEO Agency London

Consider How Much Support You Need

A web development company isn’t for the development stage alone, once the site goes live you may rely on the agency even more. You may notice features that don’t work as you’d like them to, or you may receive customer feedback that makes you realise a design you loved isn’t necessarily the most practical one for the customer. The level of support you need altering these things will depend on your experience level, but most likely the changes will need to go through your agency, so it’s important to choose one you can rely on and who are going to get back to you quickly with updates.

Think About Their Other Services

Getting the website set up is only the first step in the complicated web of digital marketing. Once you’ve set your site up you are going to want people to visit it. This is where PPC and SEO come in. Pay-per-click, or Google ads, is a paid form of advertising where you bid on certain keywords, for example an agency themselves might bid on ‘SEO Agency London’, and only pay when the link is clicked on. In contrast, search engine optimisation is an organic way of ensuring your website can be found in the search engine results for words and phrases relevant to what you are offering. There are ways to tweak your site to pull your site up through the rankings and appear on page one instead of page 3.


You are likely to want to make use of at least one of these services, and so when picking a web development company think about whether they also offer additional services such as SEO and PPC. Keeping everything with one agency is not only more convenient for you but should improve project time and make communication easier.


There is no magic recipe to choosing a web development company but following these steps should point you in the right direction. Remember to have a good idea of what you want before you start to look; do your research on portfolios and reputation; consider whether you have any experience with web development or whether you are a total beginner and will need full support, and finally think about other services you are likely to need further down the line.

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