Digital Marketing Tips in the Face of Covid-19

Quite often when an economic downturn occurs marketing budget is one of the first thing to be slashed. But Corona virus has been a unique experience, consumers are still largely interacting with brands online, in fact more so than usual, so it is advisable to recalibrate your marketing strategy to the changed behaviour of your target audience.

Digital Marketing Tips in the Face of Covid-19


People are spending more time at home and consuming a greater degree of digital media. TV watching and online streaming has surged during lockdown, and screen time is up approximately 31% in comparison to last year. Furthermore, people are spending 36% more time on social media *. Finally, with brick-and-mortar shops closing people are completing more of their shopping online, so the need for digital marketing has never been higher.

What Should You be Aware of?

  • Think about whether you need to edit your message: Now is the time to be compassionate with your audience, think of the challenges they will be facing and how you can support them. It is essential that you show your willingness to help your customers in this ‘new normal’, without seeming like you are exploiting the situation.
  • Adjust your strategy: Once you’ve thought about whether you need to change your message, think about your strategy. We’ve already mentioned people are spending much more time online, so investing in digital marketing is likely to be beneficial to your business, but where exactly should you form a presence. Perhaps you’ve never used social ad’s before, but now that people are spending 36% more time on social media you should look into it? Speak to your digital marketing agency to make sure the strategy works for your business and the unique situation we are in.
  • Review your existing campaigns: If you have pay per click (PPC) campaigns already live, for example Google ad’s, you may want to evaluate the keywords you are targeting. You might notice that some keywords that used to work well for your campaign are dropping off, but others may be picking up. Searches for ‘local delivery’ and ‘virtual services’ may be increasing, so try and see if you can incorporate terms such as these into your PPC campaign.

Don’t Give up On Digital MarketingDigital Marketing Tips in the Face of Covid-19

You may need to change your message, alter your strategy or edit any pre-existing campaigns you have, such as PPC, but the more important thing to remember is not to give up on digital marketing. Now is arguably one of the best times to invest in it. Just make sure you speak to your digital marketing agency, so you are both on the same page about your goals and objectives.


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How to Choose the Right Web Development Company for You

Ask any veteran business owner how the design and development of their website went and you’re likely to get the response “which one”. Websites need frequently updated, optimised and sometimes completely overhauled. Taking on this responsibility as a beginner is likely to be frustrating and can have long lasting ramifications on the business itself, and your own sanity. This is where the help of a web development company comes in. They will have experience creating websites from scratch and ensuring they are functional whilst also being aesthetically appealing. Here are a few tips on choosing the right company for your business.

Web Development Company

First, Establish What You Need

Before you think about approaching an agency think about what you need from your site and therefore what you need from an agency. You don’t need to plan out every detail, but you must have a good idea of what you want the site to do for your brand and the customers. Do you want an ecommerce site where customers can add items to their bag and purchase online? Or is your site information led with a gallery of your services, in which case you need to make sure it is easy to contact you. Defining your goals before starting the project is essential as it will ensure you produce a site that serves your needs best as possible.

Review Agency Portfolios

Agencies are often shouting about their work, so this should be easy to find. Look for a list of clients on their website and scout out some of the work they have done already. If they have already worked with clients in your industry this is a good sign, it will mean they already have an understanding of what your business needs and what works for your customers. When looking through their work make sure the sites don’t all look the same, you want your business to stand out, not blend in.

When discussing your vision with the agency make sure they understand the overall goal but aren’t going to blindly say yes to everything as a way of keeping you happy. You want your web development company to be honest with you and tell you what isn’t going to work, as well as come up with ideas of their own. You might want to also ask for some case studies, this is a good way of seeing projects they have worked on from brief to completion.

SEO Agency London

Consider How Much Support You Need

A web development company isn’t for the development stage alone, once the site goes live you may rely on the agency even more. You may notice features that don’t work as you’d like them to, or you may receive customer feedback that makes you realise a design you loved isn’t necessarily the most practical one for the customer. The level of support you need altering these things will depend on your experience level, but most likely the changes will need to go through your agency, so it’s important to choose one you can rely on and who are going to get back to you quickly with updates.

Think About Their Other Services

Getting the website set up is only the first step in the complicated web of digital marketing. Once you’ve set your site up you are going to want people to visit it. This is where PPC and SEO come in. Pay-per-click, or Google ads, is a paid form of advertising where you bid on certain keywords, for example an agency themselves might bid on ‘SEO Agency London’, and only pay when the link is clicked on. In contrast, search engine optimisation is an organic way of ensuring your website can be found in the search engine results for words and phrases relevant to what you are offering. There are ways to tweak your site to pull your site up through the rankings and appear on page one instead of page 3.


You are likely to want to make use of at least one of these services, and so when picking a web development company think about whether they also offer additional services such as SEO and PPC. Keeping everything with one agency is not only more convenient for you but should improve project time and make communication easier.


There is no magic recipe to choosing a web development company but following these steps should point you in the right direction. Remember to have a good idea of what you want before you start to look; do your research on portfolios and reputation; consider whether you have any experience with web development or whether you are a total beginner and will need full support, and finally think about other services you are likely to need further down the line.

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How to Improve Your Keyword Ranking

SEO is a long-term process which can lead to incredible results. Using search engine optimisation techniques, your website can be displayed first in the organic search engine results pages.

Why Does SEO Matter?

For a business being visible online and easily found is very important. That is why SEO is critical as it has an influence on your position in the search engine results pages.

SEO Rankings

Quick-Fire Ways to Help Your Ranking

Step 1 Analytics

Take into account your Google analytics, research and discover what works well, what are people searching for in your industry and ensure your website is SEO friendly. Choose keywords that reflect your brand, your service and your product, and keep an eye on the analytics.

Google Analytics

Step 2 High Quality-Content

Stay ahead of the curve; create high quality, interesting content that will be seen. Ensure your content is suitable for your audience and avoid keyword stuffing.

Step 3 Think About Creating More Pages

It is tricky for any website to achieve SEO rankings for multiple phrases. It might be worth separating your webpages to target each keyword to make it easier for you to be found.

Step 4 Metadata

Title tags, meta descriptions and H1, H2, and H3 play have a great influence on your SEO performance. Therefore, all of them need to be optimised.

Step 5 Videos

All videos and visuals should have alt tags. This is the best way for any search engine to locate your page.

These are just a few simple ways to ensure you are being found online, if you would like further help, advise or best practice solutions contact us today!


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4 Reasons Why Hiring A Professional Web Designer is the Right Decision For Your Business

Your website is your calling card, it’s the look and feel of your business, it’s the best way to convey your message, communicate with your customers and establish a creditable space in the market place.

Most serious spenders are looking for the right information to make the best purchasing decision. In fact, buying behaviours suggest that nearly 90% of online shoppers research any given product or service before making a purchase; this is where your site needs to flourish. It must navigate effectively while being user-friendly, attractive, informative, and reliable. Your website is the backbone of your company; a digital handshake, a confident nod and a powerful connector. It needs to tell the world exactly what you do, how you do it and why they have to have it.

If you can’t decide between hiring a professional designer or taking your hand to your site yourself, let us tell you why professional trumps DIY every time:

professional designer

  1. Visionaries

to ensure the site is perfectly functional and user-friendly. Using a highly-skilled, website expert means your website will be created using the most up-to-date software and technology ensuring it stands out from a crowd and is a pleasure to use as a consumer.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is, in essence, the tool that gets your website seen. The intricacies of how this can happen are a lot more complicated. Intelligent, well-planned content on your site is what drives your customers to you. The right searchable information is how you are found, and how traffic is generated to your site. Solid SEO also improves your customers’ experience; the combination of digital marketing, localised availability, keywords and content make it significantly more likely that you will see a repeat purchase from customers. Professional web designers, work on SEO intelligence all day, every day; they understand the specifics, how to be visible and what to do with the algorithms and statistics that occur behind the scenes.

  1. Digital Confidence

Engagement, social media, content, blogs; website designers know what your digital presence needs, even if it does not occur to you. Providing you with a full digital package means you can confidently launch your product or service and know that you are competing at the top of your industry. It is through a blend of state-of-the-art technology and the latest developments, understanding how to educate your customers and expanding your reach that you see business growth. You do not need to be digitally savvy to create a successful website, but your web designer does need to be.

Hiring A Professional Web Designer

  1. Time is Money

They know what they are doing. It really is that simple. Launching a substandard site or even delaying your introduction to the world can be incredibly detrimental to your business. Using an expert skillset means you are guaranteed a better lead-time on seeing the final results. While a designer can visually create above and beyond what you dreamed possible, you will be part of the process so you can collaborate and be completely happy with how you are connecting with your customers. Additionally, spending money on this kind of service means your website can be fixed or amended as and when you need, finding a reliable expert to fix issues or introduce new features once the website is built is always a lot easier.


Your company’s website is one of the single most important investments you will make for your business; be professional by choosing professionals.

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Web Design – The Trends, The Tips, The Concerns

Congratulations, you are officially on your way to business success; whether you have an existing website that you want to be redesigned and repackaged or are starting from scratch, there is no better time than right now!

Developing a website that evokes the essence of what you do can seem daunting, but finding a web design team that shares your vision can provide you with the advice, guidance, and full end-to-end service solutions to make your life easier and your website more dynamic, fresh and innovative. In London alone, there is an abundance of web design teams that offer various packages, finding one that can work with you and provide ongoing support and tips is ever more challenging.

With so much information out there, here are some important trends, tips and troughs we have found so far in 2020…

The Trends

Be A Visionary

We will talk fancy tricks shortly, but first finding the visual representation of your business shouldn’t be a hard process. By using a London based Web design team like Fast Generations; you have the option to collaborate rather than lose control. Some trends are frivolous flights of fancy, whereas others are classic, timeless, and obtainable. Going bold and minimal for your homepage will never steer you wrong. It is the page that introduces you to the world so it should reflect and simply show exactly what you do with classic

design styles, vibrant, and bold colours and great quality imagery that sells your lifestyle to the customer.

Design Styles

Get Fancy

We are mid-way through 2020, we are in the future of technology; with an array of high-tech additions you can make to your website, now is the time to stand out. From high-end graphics, immersive 3D elements, reduced navigation options, and more depth and personality – emerge superior from your crowd of competitors.

Keep on Top of Your Output

We have never been more connected than we are right at this very minute. The world is talking with one another in many different ways and on various platforms; being part of the conversation is an essential practice. Get as much content out there as you can; there is an abundance of blog suggestions, ideas, and themes to consider that will suit your business, there are news updates all day every day that may be relevant or social media trends that you can take advantage of and apply for your company’s online presence. We are in an era of connectivity and availability… take advantage!

The Tips

Be Clear

It is worth your weight in gold to be as clear and concise with your web design team as humanly possible. The truth is, this is your website, and your business so you should be clear about your message, your purpose for the site, and who your target audience is. If you keep coming back to these elements, you will get the right balance.

Social Media

Including social media and follow buttons, seems obvious but it is vital to the success of your business. Your shop window is more than just your website; it’s your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, it’s the regularity at which you communicate with your followers and it’s the difference between telling people who you are and what you offer versus customers choosing your competitor who is more easily found.


Change It

There is a huge difference between if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and this isn’t working for me and my customers anymore.

The question many of us ask ourselves when we have an established website is, can I change it? The answer is, yes, yes you can!

Just because the website is designed and functional, it doesn’t mean it serves the right purpose still; could the message be clearer, could the content be better, the colours bolder, the functionality slicker, and the mobile optimisation a better quality of output? Changing logos, fonts, and colour schemes are also worth a discussion; with the power of social media, you can use the launch of a new design to reengage and excite customers once again.


The Concerns


Poor SEO 

Becoming SEO Savvy works through your content and your output. Search Engine Optimisation is a big part of how well your content could work for you and how easily you are found. SEO pursues quality traffic for your website with the right leads and keywords, it can be measured and analysed through dashboard information, PPC (Pay Per Click) involvement, and by enhancing your direct engagement.


What do you Do and How do you Do it

This one is a no brainer but a common mistake amongst businesses. Is your website user-friendly? Is it easy to navigate, can rates, products, and services be found quickly and seamlessly, does it work on all mobile devices? These are such important areas to consider. People are busy, if your website is difficult to use or basic information is hard to find, then they move on…



If you have had the same style, same content, and same navigational tools for years, it might be time for a reinvention. All show and no substance often springs to mind with out-dated sites; the journey around the site might be convoluted, important details are hidden and not easily found, not enough vital information in the right place but what remains is clutter, too many images, and words and a lack of simplicity which is key. Content needs to be refreshed, images changed, the flow of the site needs to be examined, and a good clean out maybe in order.


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5 Tips To Help You Choose the Best Web Design Company For Your Business

If you run a company, you need a website. There are no two ways about it; having an online presence through a company website can make all the difference between a successful or failed business.

A company website lets your customers and your competitors know you exist. It is the best avenue to sell your products and services while also showing the world how you have branded yourself, who you are, what your company ethos is and that you are here to stay.

Best Web Design Company For Your Business

Getting your website designed usually requires outsourcing to an expert team but with so many web design companies out there,

how do you know whom to pick?

The Vision

Pick a company that understands your vision. Briefing your designer will require a lot of information and visuals, it will require extensive conversations about how you want the site to function and what features you would like it to have. You and the designer must have a solid rapport to ensure you are both getting the best possible results. This is a very important step for your business so the vision and the brief should be precise.


The website should not be an area of your business that should be scrimped on. Though it is just smart business sense to allow for a budget, there needs to be a level of wiggle room to ensure there are enough supplementary funds should you need additional features, content, imagery, functionality or pages.


The design process can go back and forth so it is important to allow time and patience to get the job done and done right. After all, this website will be your calling card. 

Back Catalogue

Check out the web design companies back catalogue of other finished sites that they have built to completion. Seeing their work in full swing can often be the best way to see what they are capable of.

The Extras

It’s not just about the aesthetics of the site; you need to generate leads, you need to find new business and you need to be seen by people searching the web in your field. Think optimisation, think SEO, original content, think blogs and search engines, think PPC opportunities, think social media channels and think the full package. This can be an incredibly clean and useful way to get all your web needs in a one-stop-shop.


The evolution of a website is all about layers; viewer’s experiences, software development, optimising for all devices, ensuring it is user friendly and can be navigated through with ease. Once the technical structure is in place the aesthetic layout can then work in unison with the software from layout, content, imagery and fonts to colour schemes and ALL to make your site look unique yet in direct correlation with your competitor’s. Purpose-built and easy to use; your website must go through a complex technical journey before it reaches your consumers. Finding the right company to get your business seen is essential. Give your business the best possible chance of success starting with the right site.


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Free Online Advertising Methods Everyone Should Try

In this fast-paced world, the instant gratification of connecting directly with consumers in a more meaningful way is never more prevalent than now. Speed and relevance are fundamental in capturing your audience. Advertising for your business, particularly if small or medium sized needs to be up-to-date and specific. Gone are the days where a ‘blanket’ message would do.

There are multiple platforms and multiple groups of people to target; reaching them in a more personalised way is where the fun begins! Free online advertising is at our fingertips, and when done thoughtfully can be an incredibly lucrative business tool, least of all as costs are fiercely low and traction, astonishingly high.

Free Online Advertising Methods Everyone Should Try

The most obviously effective tactics are:

Social Media – By directly starting a conversation with your customer, you can engage and respond to their questions and comments instantaneously which makes you more significant on the social media trail. It’s free to set up, post, engage and share and is the quickest way to get up-to-date information out there. Using relevant content on social media can be one of the easiest ways to drive consumers back to your website; an excellent way to gain new leads.

Blogging and Email Blasts – Are great ways to continue to build your brand and gain exposure. Be consistent, understand your market and be on top of industry news. Providing your followers and readers with exciting information about your company, about a changing market and how you stand out from your competitors means you become a reliable source for them to refer to.

SEO – Incredibly important, and expertise in this area can make all the difference. The principle intention is to optimize your website by establishing what your key words are, finding as many as possible and ensuring your breadth of content is readily available, making your business as visible as can be.

Directories such as Google are a great way to quite literally get your business on the map! By registering your company on Google maps at the rawest of levels, potential customers are seeing you exist, where you are based and who you share your street with; this awareness can be considered small fry but is indeed very potent. By getting yourself on Google maps you are ensuring you are part of a directory of businesses that also exist, if you want to be a bigger player you need to be seen. There are so many ways you can actively pimp this out to benefit you – add photos of your building, street, company personnel whatever is appropriate. You can add opening hours, full address details and even spend some budget on Ads to really target potential leads if that is available to you.

Be present and be visible on as many directories as possible. Leads and business possibilities come from all angles and it’s important to be part of the search results if you want to be found!

With any of these tactics the more you put in the more fruitful the outcome will be. At the very least social media platforms can be set up, blogs can be written, work can be done to ensure you are seen and if you do have cash to splash, though not essential, it can only enhance your reach and the great news is, if you do have a budget the spends are totally transparent.

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Stay in control! Be closer to your consumer! Why is PPC right for you?

It has never been so important to know your audience. Consumers think differently than they did 10 year ago and as such businesses must dance to the beat of a new, speedier drum.

Pay-Per-Click is a great way for businesses to target customers, measure success and save money.

Pay Per Click London

Whether you are an established business or simply starting out, Pay-Per-Click means you will not be surprised with unexpected bills, as you control your daily spend. Ultimately, meaning you are addressing customers who are actively looking to purchase something in your sector. It is an engaging and seamless way to sell directly to people who want to be sold to.


You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and because it is cleverly curated to target seriously potential customers that have a specific interest in your industry or content, each click has automatically got more potential to be lucrative.

For most business leaders, getting instant results is an essential part of the way they work – Measuring your impressions and number of online clicks is a great, instant way to see how your ads are performing, in essence you can control the traffic by adding more money or amending your ad to target it more directly.

Benefits of PPC Advertising for Your Business

It’s an easy and versatile way to try something out mid-way through the financial year without compromising your budget. This Flexible and transparent way of working means you are not wedded to one ad for months or years, you can stay in control of how much you pay and for how long. The best part is the results for your online campaign can be analysed in hours and days rather than quarterly or even annually. Meaning we are all working faster and more in tune with our current and future customers.

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Fast Generations Digital Specialists fulfill your marketing needs within your budget

Marketing is pioneer for successful operations of any business whether it has small or large operations. Marketing and promotional campaigns are aimed at seeking attention of potential customers. A good marketing strategy can boost your sales within weeks and vice versa. Are you looking for a quality marketer to promote your company’s services in respective niche? Or want to get support of online media partner? Fast Generations Digital Specialists is proud marketing company in London to meet your marketing needs.

We are official Google media partner offering pay per click marketing services for all type of businesses in UK. We provide marketing and online support service to companies which have good repute in market. We have expert marketing staff who know which kind of marketing strategies suit your business needs. We are confident about the quality and level of our services to fulfill customized marketing needs of our business customers in UK. Our web standards integrate marketing strategies, interior design and technology.

Our expert marketing staff guide our valued customers what kind of promotional campaigns, strategies and tactics are suitable to get maximum client attention. The key performance indicators and key goals our experts set for our clients help them to keep track of marketing strategies and its role in business growth. It helps them to make a close cost-benefit analysis to stop a marketing campaign if it is not worth it. It is suitable for them to control their marketing overheads to increase profitability.

Our services include pay per click management, SEO, social media, mobile App development. We totally understand how online marketing can boost your business within days. Our expert marketing team is passionate about their job and totally know what they are doing. We provide access to latest technology and contemporary marketing software which help our clients to keep track of e-mails and online traffic of clients.

Besides marketing campaigns and strategical support, we also help clients to establish and maintain their official websites. We are proud strategic partner of Google concentrating our strengths within SEO and social media marketing. Social media marketing has a direct role in successful operations of any business in market. Customers prefer online research while making any purchase decision. Online research through google and search engine optimization helps them to choose the best product or service available in UK market at lowest price.

In contemporary corporate culture, it is mandatory to have a stable marketing support and guideline to attract maximum number of customers. Due to intense competition in market, it is necessary to create a differentiation imagine in customer mind. Visit our website today and get reviews of our different clients who have opted our services at

For more details call us on our phone 0203 439 0417.

If you want to visit our office for personal meeting with our marketing manager it is located at the below given address:

The Light Bulb, 204, 1 Filament Walk, London SW18 4GQ, UK

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Best web design and Development Company in London

Web design and development is essential for contemporary business operations. Due to increasing trends of E-commerce, it has become mandatory for all small and big companies to establish and maintain an active website. I am an entrepreneur mom, running my own boutique for Asian female dresses in London city. I had established my business 12 years back, thing were totally different then. But due to intense competition in todays market and increasing global demands, it has become significant for my business to approach customers through web marketing and receive orders online. For this purpose I hired an IT specialist on handsome salary last year.

He worked somehow good but still results were not satisfactory. First of all it took too long to establish website of my Boutique outlet. When he finally completed the establishment process, the contents and website theme was not much attractive. Resultantly I could not get any major orders even after 3 months of proper running of my boutique website. I hired another IT specialist on temporary basis to help him run website proper. But results were not that much satisfactory and favorable. We hardly secured few small orders in coming 2 months.

A friend of mine asked me to hire any professional web-design and development company. I started searching for suitable web developer in London. It took quote from three web development companies online, then I chose Fast Generations Digital Specialists. The company not only offered me expert team of web developers but also charged very reasonable price for it. They provided me customized web development services as per needs of my business. The professional approach of Fast generations and complete know-how of latest web development trends made it different from other companies in London.

The complete revolution of my boutique website attracted new visitors and desired traffic within few weeks. My business got new customers from India and Middle East. It was really a turning point which helped me to start international trade. The revenue turnover of my boutique got double within short time span. Selection of Fast Generations Digital Specialists proved one of the best decisions of my life. The format of my boutique website was chosen by experts of Fast Generations. It was based on SEO friendly design and navigation. From last six months, my website is continuously updated for contemporary designs and theme to keep customers and new visitors committed.

I am thinking to launch and online store along with official website of my boutique, I am sure the experts of Fast Generations will help me to run it properly to expand my business. If you are operating a business in London in any industry, FAST Generations Digital Specialist can help you to develop your business website and portfolio to attract customers. For more details call Fast Generations on 0203-439-0417. Or visit their official website for more details. I hope it will be one of the amazing experiences of your business life.

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