The Benefits of Social Media Advertising

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No doubt you’ve read countless articles telling you to advertise on social media because it’s effective, but how exactly can it help your business? We have been helping clients connect with customers on social media, and so we have put together this article to help you understand exactly why you should invest in social media.

It improves brand awareness

This is one of the most obvious benefits of social media advertising, it has a great impact on brand awareness. It helps you get your business out there, and it means you can connect with people who may not necessarily be following your business.

It helps you reach targeted audiences

Social media platforms have an intense selection of targeting options. When it comes to paid advertising you can target users based on location, age, income, job title, interests and a whole range of other demographics. Targeting users based on any of these factors can drastically improve the success rate of your campaign.

It can drive quality traffic

As more people learn about your brand, more traffic will be driven to your website. Better yet, much of this traffic will be high quality, as they will have been targeted based on the demographics mentioned above.

It increases foot traffic

These benefits aren’t just limited to digital traffic, they can also bring traffic to your brick and mortar store. This metric isn’t so easy to track, you can track digital conversions and purchases, but unless you ask everyone in your store where they heard about you, you won’t know whether it was from social media advertising or not.

It provides valuable customer insights

One of the biggest perks of social media advertising is its ability to provide you with valuable customer insights. Social media platforms collect an extensive amount of user data, so you can see exactly who interacted with your advert.

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