Writing Tips for Each Social Media Platform


We are sure we don’t need to tell you why it is important to have a social media presence, but, it is worth mentioning that this presence may not be exactly the same on all channels.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok all have their own trends, demographics, post formats and platform requirements. You want your brand to have continuity across all platforms, but, you may want to tweak the way you deliver this, depending which platform you are on.

Smart and tailored social media marketing can boost engagement and help you achieve KPI’s… win win!


Instagram is all about visual content, so your writing should be short, sweet and to the point. The main goal of the caption is to provide context for the picture or video, it is there to add to the post, but the caption is not the main focus. Instagram users are not looking to read about your life story, they want a visually stimulating experience, so be concise.


Facebook posts should have a conversational tone. Pictures on Facebook are not as important as Instagram, but it is still worth posting a mixture of written and visual content, to keep your feed varied.

Facebook is all about getting people to engage with your posts, so, ask questions, encourage call to actions, ask followers what they think, try to incite conversation. People are looking to read and engage, so give them something to engage with.


LinkedIn is great for social media marketing as it enables you to connect with other, likeminded, professionals. If your business is a B2B business you cannot afford to miss out on the opportunities that LinkedIn can offer you.

As it is a bit more professional, the writing style on LinkedIn is slightly different. Users are willing to invest a bit more time, they want to read useful articles that are related to their field. On LinkedIn longer posts are encouraged, you can share credible articles to establish your expertise, and to drive engagement.


People often login to Twitter for news and updates, they want simple writing that is easy to digest and to the point. The character limit on tweets helps ensure this is the case.


Twitter is great for engaging with other users, your social media marketing strategy should include mentioning trending topics and tagging accounts that are commenting on current events. This widens your audience and helps you connect with interested users.

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