Email Marketing Tips For Your 2023 Email Marketing Campaign

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Email marketing has been around for decades, and it still remains one of the most effective and popular ways to reach audiences of all demographics. With the right strategy and tools, you can inspire people to engage with your brand by building trust, delivering value, and maintaining professional relationships.

Email marketing can be effectively used alongside a whole range of newer marketing channels with great impact.

Included within our list of email marketing tips for your campaigns in 2023, are trends and goals that you should keep in mind when building and implementing your campaign strategies. Now’s the time to really get your email marketing campaigns off the ground. Reshape and reevaluate the reach of your email marketing campaigns this year, with Fast Generation’s top email marketing tips for 2023.

Monitor performance regularly

This should be at the forefront of all email marketing campaigns, at any given time in the year. Without analysing the performance of your campaigns, you won’t be able to spot areas for improvement and growth. This will then have a negative impact on your yearly stats, and affect engagement with external clients.

 Benchmarks are integral to seeing how far your email marketing campaigns are reaching in terms of open rates, click through-rates and click-to open rates. It’s also good to get to grips with less-satisfying benchmarks such as unsubscribers. However, the performance rates can have positive effects in the long run, as you can spot what has caused loss of interest through particular content delivered, or flagging overwhelming output of emails in a short time period.

Whatever the performance stats, there’s always something positive to come out of understanding how and why certain email marketing campaigns work better than others. 

Transparency is everything

We all remember when U2 and Apple collaborated on a marketing scheme that forcefully put their new album on our phones, right? The general feeling was horror amongst most iTunes users, and even betrayal for the most sensitive of music fans. 

This is a great example of what to avoid when it comes to a successful email marketing campaign. Sneakiness is rarely welcomed with open arms, and has the capacity to damage your reputation as a brand. Although U2’s album could have been the best sounding album your ears had ever been graced with, nobody was prepared to find out as they were too busy focused on the shock factor of such a sly marketing strategy. Quality content should be enough to push your agenda, and should be the guiding force of your marketing strategy; not the other way round!

Providing your audiences with choice is always a good way to let them know that you value their opinion, respect their privacy and won’t attempt to gain engagement through bombardment tactics. It goes as a rule of thumb that, if they want to, they will. 

So ditch sneaky ways of gaining email contacts, and opting people in for a full subscription to your promotional content, unsolicited. The key to successful email marketing campaigns that achieve the initial goals you have mapped out as a company, is to remain transparent and honest. This will help build an audience of people who genuinely want to listen, and engage with your content as opposed to racking up click rates with dead ends. 

Tone of Voice

This leads us to our next point – tone of voice. Getting the tone right across your whole email marketing campaign is really instrumental in its overall impact. This comes hand in hand with getting to know your audience. The type of person you’re targeting emails at, will engage with different styles of language including slogans and punch subject lines. 

If you’re looking to attract a wider audience, your tone should always be aimed at appealing the masses. However you can get specific with semantics and on-trend references where you see fit. Taking a condescending or sarcastic tone is unlikely to pay off, however people respond well to light humour and uplifting language, as well as a voice they feel resonates with them, or can provide them with a solution to a problem. So whatever content you send out, be sure that you’ve done your audience research and set it to match the tone, language and voice around the people you are wanting to engage most with your content. This is pivotal when increasing reach, and spreading the word about what it is you, and you alone, can offer as a company or brand. 

Show it, don’t just say it

When it comes to making bold pledges to users, they will watch intently to show if you really put your money where your mouth is. This is especially true when declaring yourself as a company that’s diverse, and inclusive of all people. It’s crucial that your whole campaign is reflective of your honest values. 

Showcasing that you are genuinely in tune with the world around you, can be reflected in all you do as opposed to a fleeting statement that can be relatively meaningless. If you discuss matters of cultural diversity and representation, then ensure this is translated in your content which should hold up the values you have claimed to build as a company. Handling any topics related to identity and culture should always be approached with the utmost sensitivity, dignity and respect. Finding a balance of appropriate moments for discussion is also key to ensuring you appear as a force that’s genuine about challenging oppression and discrimination. 

So there we have it, Fast Generation’s top tips for successful email campaigns in 2023! Whether you’re a new brand looking to build engagement and connections, or an old timer looking at how you can adapt content better to build and grow even further, there is lots to take into account when implementing email campaigns. These tips will ensure you will be successful in building new user relationships and engagement through the timeless medium that is email marketing. 

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