The importance of mobile-friendly web design

The importance of mobile-friendly web design

It is becoming increasingly common for people to access the internet on their phones. For many people, this may be their only device. So, as a business owner, you can’t assume a visitor to your website will be using a traditional desktop or laptop, you need to consider the way your website appears on mobile too.

Traditional websites, or even those developed as little as a few years ago, were not commonly designed with the mobile view in mind, so they do not render well on today’s modern devices. Although some business owners have been quick to respond, optimising their websites for mobile, others are not aware that this is an important issue.

Why is it important?

With more and more visitors viewing your website on a mobile device, it is important to make sure all of them have a positive experience. If your website is taking too long to download, they may move to a competitor’s website instead. Having a mobile-friendly website brings several advantages including:

1. Improved visibility in search results

2. Improved user experience

3. Increased lead generation

4. Improved brand impression

As of 2015, Google began giving preference to sites that are mobile-optimised in search results. Ultimately, the better an experience you can provide for your users, the better you will be ranked in search results. If even a small percentage of your visitors are using mobile, being able to get these visitors to your site will increase your chances of new business.


How to create a mobile-friendly website

Aspects designed for a website may not automatically be mobile-friendly. If in doubt, always test your mobile on desktop and mobile view before pushing anything live. If there are certain components that do not work, you can always create a mobile alternative for certain features. This ensures that your visitors get the best view, no matter if they are on desktop or mobile.

If you need any help with a mobile-friendly website, just get in touch with our team of developers who will be happy to help.

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