The Benefits Of PPC Advertising

The Benefits Of PPC Advertising


What are the benefits of PPC advertising? Like other digital marketing strategies, PPC campaigns are brilliant to improve a business’s online visibility and increase its sales. Here is why you should invest in PPC advertising.


Advantages Of PPC Advertising


Easy To Measure and Track

When running PPC advertising through google ads it is simple to identify what is and isn’t working. By using the Google Ads tool with Google Analytics you’re able to see the performance of each campaign based on impressions, clicks and conversions.

You can measure and track your stats anytime and this is a reliable indicator of what kind of traffic and results you are achieving with your budget.

Through Google Analytics, you get an insight into the PPC traffic that is being sent to your landing pages and if they are converting into sales. Not to mention, showing you a full breakdown of how much you spent to attain those results.


You’re In Charge


Despite starting with Google’s default settings, you can alter your PPC advertising in any way you want.

For example, you can choose what keywords you want to target and how broad you want these to be. Besides, being restrictive with keywords you don’t want to waste your budget on.

You can also spend as much or as little money as you want on your PPC campaigns. This includes setting your own ad budget and bids as well as choosing how much you’re willing to spend to reach the top of the search rankings.

PPC Can Be Combined With Other Marketing Strategies


PPC advertising is similar to SEO in terms of targeting specific keywords and striving to drive traffic to specific pages on a website.

Impressions and conversions derive from the same audience, therefore, data from either marketing source can prove useful for future strategies. After all, everyone uses Google as a search engine for certain products, services or information.

Google Ads performance can provide in-depth insight into targeted keywords which can help you decide which terms are worth trying to rank.

At the same time, traffic from SEO can depict how competitive some keywords are and if there is more value in using PPC campaigns to rank on the first page instead.

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