What is SEO and why do you need it?

On-Site SEO

Customers and clients rely on search engines to help them find anything and everything they are looking for, from holidays to restaurants, sofas to shoes. No matter what your business offers, your target audience is likely to be looking for it online. So, to make sure they find their way to your site, you need search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a strategy that improves your sites rankings in search engine results. To do this you need to identify which keywords and phrases your target audiences use when looking for products or services like yours, then you need to try to rank for those terms. Without going into detail, there are a huge number of methods to implement to increase your likelihood of ranking for these terms.


Why do you need to implement SEO?

An optimised website earns more traffic

The overall goal is to improve your site’s ranking in search results, but naturally an outcome of this is more traffic to your website. Once this traffic is coming to your site you have more chance of converting it into customers and leads.

You don’t have to pay for ad space

Unlike most advertising you don’t need to pay for ad space with SEO. This is a total contrast to how traditional campaigns operate, newspapers, magazines, radio, billboards all ask you to pay for ad placement, with SEO you don’t pay a single penny for good ranking.

Boost credibility and authority

Having a well ranking, content rich website can boost your authority and credibility. If you are looking for a holiday, you are unlikely to trust a poorly designed, content bare website on the 8th page of Google. Instead, you want a well established, well ranked company that has authority in the area.

Improves user experience

Google’s main goal in life is to ensure users have the best experience possible on the search engine. For that reason, the algorithm favours sites that provide not only great content, but also great user experience and design. Google can tell if your site is mobile friendly, they can tell how well it loads and they can work out if you have relevant content and pictures, the more boxes you tick, the better experience Google think you are offering, and hence, the better they rank you.
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