Awesome Ipad Apps for 2015

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The iPad is, by far, the most software-rich tablet out there. We’ve been creating Best iPad Apps lists for years now, but this is something new. We’ve completely rewritten and recreated our master list of fantastic iPad apps. In the pages ahead, you’ll find more than 100 of our faves, from Amazon Instant to Zite, with more to come! We’ll add new apps on a regular basis and tweak this article to help you find apps in any category you need. Each main category page is split into subcategories too, so you can find the best apps for Turn-by-turn navigation just as easily as ones for transit directions. It’s all right here. Let us know what you think in the comments section, or suggest something we’ve missed!


GarageBand is Apple’s own product, but it’s really a must own for any music lover. It turns your iPad into your ultimate digital amp and even if you’re not a capable musician, it’s a blast to mess around with the virtual instruments.


With the big screen of the iPad, you should be able to manage your inbox easily. Mailbox is built for the platform with gesture controls and a goal of clearing out your inbox to keep you on task and organized.


Evernote is the best backstop for all of your spitballed ideas. Toss every thought into it, organized with the easy to navigate notebook system with its iPad specific UI, and never forget a great—or terrible—idea again.


Learning how to code is becoming essential, no matter what you do. To tackle the task, check out Codea. It’s a gorgeous code editor that will help you learn how to code just about anything you could want to build.


FitStar Personal Trainer will save you the expensive costs associated with gym memberships and fitness gurus and instead helps you customize your own workouts to get the results you’re after.

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