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About Fast Generations

We are a team of driven, experienced individuals who are constantly striving to achieve maximum success for our clients.

Our skill and expertise means we are constantly expanding our client base and team size, we have created and managed a range of successful campaigns, for a range of clients, in a range of industries.

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What we do

We combine a huge range of digital marketing techniques, to make sure your business is successful online. We are a proud Google partner for pay per click marketing services, alongside this we also offer SEO, social media management, email marketing, web design and development as well as mobile app development.

We are part of a very small number of agencies who focus on small to medium sized businesses. We offer value for money digital marketing to help our clients grow their businesses.

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Our Technology

We have created bespoke, in-house technology that allows us to transparently share the results of your campaigns.

We have created a PPC platform that allows you to track clicks, impressions, calls, conversions, and cost, to the pound. Using our technology, we can track exactly how many calls and emails you receive because of our PPC campaign. We share this data with you, so you can see exactly how hard we are working for you.

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Our Platform

At Fast Generations we combine our technology and expert staff to get you more business

Best of all you can go through our easy to use platform and check exactly how many calls you have received. You can even listen back to every call so that both your company and us can establish to the £ just how many new enquires and new customers we have brought you solely through PPC.

We will then use this information to not only show you how well you are doing but also to help enhance and optimise your campaign to get you even better results and spend your money on areas that are bringing you more business but more importantly remove your spend from areas that are not generating you new customers.

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